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                发布日期:2017-12-13 访问次数: 信息来源:文登№区政府 字号:[ ]

                  Wendeng rely on the "Four Hills five springs and one line," cultivated Hot spring Tourism Products Group based on Tianmu and Tangpo Hot springs, Eco-tourism Landscape products group based on Kunyu and Bible Mountain, coastal leisure travel products group with Nanhai Park and Perfume Sea, and masses festival tourism and leisure products group with Hot Spring Festival, Kunyu cherry Festival, Sand Sculpture Festival and so on .
                  Wendeng now has two national 4A level scenic spots (Tianmu Hot Spring Resort, Tom Park Spa Resort), two 3A level scenic spots (Bible Hill area, dragon Eco-tourism resort), there has 8 star-hotels, five star- restaurants , 14 tourism towns and tourism villages, nine national and provincial industrial and agricultural tourism demonstration sites, one provincial recreational fisheries demonstration, 11 travel agencies, in the forefront among the province, tourism industry output continuous 5-year growth rate was maintained at 30%.
                  With beautiful natural scenery, rich cultural heritage, Wendeng has won China Excellent Tourism City, National Environmental Protection Model City, National Garden City, National Ecological Construction Model City, China Excellent hot spring resort city, China's longevity village, Hot springs capital of China , Internationally renowned tourism and leisure resort, Top ten charm health place of China, the happiest leisure city, China's most beautiful health habitat, Industrial cluster competitiveness of Top 100 .

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